Image quality

Maximum print size

Use the following rule of thumb to determine the largest size your digital image can be printed:

Maximum print size (in inches) = Divide the pixel height and width of your digital image by 100

If for example your image is 1600 x 2400 pixels, then the maximum recommended print size would be 16 by 24 inches. Printing it larger would risk pixelation, as illustrated below.

Photo Canvas Printing - Good     Photo Canvas Printing - Pixelation
The pixelation effect which might occur if the image is printed too large

Most digital cameras allow you to change the resolution, so you can select the quality of your photos as you take them. We highly recommend that you use settings that provide the highest possible quality.

Pixels and file size is not the only indicator of picture quality. No matter how many pixels it contains or what size a file is - if the picture is blurry as a small print - it will be blurry enlarged on the canvas.

What are pixels?

A digital image is made up of picture elements (pixels) and the number of pixels determines the resolution. The more pixels your photo has, the clearer your photo remains as you increase its size. At the same time, the greater the resolution, the greater the file size will be.

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