Stretcher bars

Stretcher bars are from sustainable sources Our canvas prints are normally stretched over a frame constructed from stretcher bars made from fir wood that is very light, yet extremely hard wearing and not susceptible to warping. The Standard stretcher bars used for smaller prints are ¾" deep, while our Gallery stretcher bars which are used for all other prints are 1½" deep. If you place an order through our online ordering system, and you don't tell us otherwise, then these are the bars we will be using for your prints.

In addition to these stretcher bars we also offer Premium Gallery bars (1½") and Premium Chunky Gallery bars (1¾"), both which are made from European pine and featuring an extra-strong laminated wood construction to minimize warping. These bars can be used for slightly larger prints, so if the size you are interested in isn't feastured in the regular price list, then have a look at the Premium Gallery and Premium Chunky Gallery stretcher bars.

The sizes which can be ordered via our online ordering system, and which are shown in our regular price list, are of the ratios 4:3, 7:5, 3:2, 2:1, 3:1 & 4:1. We do however offer many other sizes as well. A complete list of all available sizes can be found by following the links below:

All our stretcher bars are from sustainable European sources.